With Hospitality Furniture, it’s all about the finish!” Hackney Furniture realizes how important the first impression is for your guests.  When entering the room, they must be greeted with beautiful, comfortable, and functional furniture that is appealing to the eye and touch.

We work directly with the designer producing the Finish Step Panels that outline each step we take in the final and most important process in manufacturing your furniture.  Whether it’s a fast, high sheen look or a deep, warm, inviting feel you want to achieve or maybe even a rustic, distressed coastal impression, Hackney will take your direction and produce the custom finish that will set your project apart.

Our experienced team of industry veterans knows wood and the characteristics of the grain and the cut.  It’s not just the steps in the process and the color or the application; it’s the hands on wood artistry of shading and toning the wood that make the difference.

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